Chocolate Cake Radio show

Summary: *CUE MARVIN GAYE* OK...tell the truth. Have you read "50 Shades Of Grey" yet? No? Got some "Zane" on your bookshelf? The "Sleeping Beauty Trilogy" by A.N. Roquelaure? What IS it about Erotica that women love and why is it NOT your average smut? We'll discuss "50 Shades..." and what all the hype is about. ...could YOU do it? PLUS: Men, what's the one thing all these novels have in common that women go CRAZY over and which women are more likely to read them? The answer may surprise you. ALSO: Are you still rocking with your old Rabbit? (Not the wine opener either...)  That's so  outdated! We'll tell you the hottest toys out now and how to upgrade your toys  (and not get crazy looks from Airport security.) "Passion Parties" are the rage but toys aren't just for women anymore. We'll talk about the most popular toys for men.  ALSO: What is the hottest thing a woman can wear that 99% of men agree turns them WAY on? FIND OUT! A new episode of CHOCOLATE CAKE RADIO PREMIERES JUNE 6TH @9PM!