Cliff’s big Noam Chomsky gag

Angry & Cliff - The Podcast! show

Summary: The Angry and Cliff podcast (with Ben) is back again with approximately thirty-nine minutes of never heard before waffle between three of the country's least qualified social commentators. This week we hear about Angry's trip to Butlins, which involved the mild (and accidental - Ed) physical abuse of a disabled person, Ben shatters Angry's preconceptions about the new Tron movie, and we finally let Cliff tell us about all the running he's been doing (he's going to run a marathon you know). All this plus we take a close look at why saying the 'C' word should happen more often on Radio 4, we revisit the horrifying tragedy that was Pearl Harbour (not just the film, the actual incident too), it's the birthday of Larry Bird and we wonder why the NBA isn't full of giant ginger curly haired people, and it is the birthday of Noam Chomsky - which gives Cliff the opportunity to tell a joke so good we put it in the title. Unless there is something on fire, I suggest you listen to it now.