THE MOTIVATOR! Motivational Speaker and PublishedAuthor show

Summary: UNDER CONSTRUCTION!UNDER CONSTRUCTION!Dont you just HATE It when you see that? Oh bother lol!The last four years have been Amazing!With  many new exciting things in store for 2012..."Like what my man....just curious"! April film release..New Music for 2012 by DJ Chrystlyz....New Photo layout...New Logo...yeah it's in there!!Upgrades...who knew?Please enjoy this show... as well as the over 240 archived shows! Leave you?Please! Pshaw!!JANUARY WHEN WE START THE NEW SHOWS FOR 2012...have your popcorn ready! I FREAKIN bring it!!It's no bother!I Got My Big Boy Pants on!Smile and Laugh...and dance! it makes the haters crazy...such a short walk! NEW WEBSITE:google:!!  Last Month of the THIRD Quarter!!So... do you like what you see?Let's GO!!Hello World!! I am Moreno L Jackson. I am "THE MOTIVATOR"! I am a Nationally known Director,Writer,Published Author,Motivational Speaker, Entertainer and a BLOGTALK Radio Host!We are excited and grateful to have exceeded two milestones. Over four years of high energy shows and over 235 Live BTR shows.To be consitenly in the Top 15 for our category...LIFE, and to also be in BTR overall Top 200 shows is ....Amazing!! Thanks oh so much!!We hope and trust that we are helping with the journey that we call life!Tune in as I read one of my popular Myspace blogs, which has readership in the thousands, talk about current events with Talk Of The Day, leave you with some People Of Purpose Tips, and a Power Word Of The Day!You will tell someone : GOOD FOR YOU!! WARNING!! I can make u dance, dance, dance!! It's no bother!! Appreciated!!