We Make Tha Call 01-03-07

We Make Tha Call show

Summary: We Make Tha Call 01/03/07 UMakeThaCall.com Beta 2 is up!! Check it out and U Make Tha Call! Do you agree or disagree? Make your statement at UMakeThaCall.com The We Make Tha Call MySace Page is up: www.myspace.com/wemakethacall and www.myspace.com/UMakeThaCall You can hear the latest podcast here and read bulletins about MakeThaCall Events 3 Videos Christmas Shopping is hell (especially if you wait until x-mas eve to start) Would you fight for your Elmo? Elmo Video Is news fake and bullshit? What is your favorite news network? News Bloopers Video Have you ever peed in the pool? Get out or stay in? Hot tub cloud Should trump jus shave his head and quit with the comb over? Rosie vs. Trump whos gonna win? Rosie vs. Trump Is that justice? Saddam hung Would it be less sad if it was a crocodile that killed him instead of a fish (manta ray)? Crocodile hunter dies Norm Macdonald video Did you watch the transformers cartoon? Will you go to the movie? Do you think they can pull it off? Transformers NasIs hip hop really dead? and of course a new THC Single: Make it Pop The Mix down kinda sux on this episode so we're gonna mix it again and republish with the same name in a couple days. _uacct = "UA-423864-4"; urchinTracker();