You Deserve To Be Here

Hypnotherapy Podcast show

Summary: "You Deserve to Be Here" is a lesson in Emotional Freedom Technique and a chance to break a trance that has you feeling undeserving. In this 72 minute program Hypnotherapist Rick Reynolds teaches you EFT and then puts it to work in breaking a life trance. The trance portion of this podcast features a re-birth into love. For many people this trance and this class have been profoundly healing. If you're interested in learning more about EFT please visit If you're interested in purchasing a CD of this trance, visit And for more relaxing music by Paul Michael Meredith visit If you're interested in booking a session with Rick either in person or via phone, please call 916 715 4033. My Odeo Channel (odeo/c69aed12cd1a56f5)