Danica Patrick

Men's Health (Podcast) show

Summary: On this week’s episode, former IndyCar standout and NASCAR newbie Danica Patrick joins the show. Patrick—who’s one of Men’s Health’s Hottest Female Athletes—dishes on Indy, NASCAR, driving, dating, and palling around with the likes of Jay-Z. But it’s another cause that’s closest to her heart: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) awareness. Patrick shares more information about the deadly disease, and reveals why she’s racing to raise awareness. Plus, Men’s Health money coach Jean Chatzky offers her advice on how and when to have dreaded finance conversations with your significant other. Click here to subscribe to the Men’s Health Podcast on iTunes! More from MensHealth.com: When Danica Patrick Speaks, You Listen COPD: One of Man’s Biggest Killers Make Her Heart Race Music courtesy of APM Music