Tales of Old 51 The Masque of Pierrot, part 2

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Summary: By Sondra Kelly-Green Read by Mark Vevers Some other works by Sondra Kelly-Green: Burning Mary, Crashing, Now Showing Shawn's Standup routine It was bewitched, he swore, and said he would vow the same under oath. This the officers thought an even finer joke. Evil and bewitched and under oath! Your father stood a bit straighter and held his palm up in a mock vow, a trembling yet determined smile on his lips. My heart clenched at this, and those who knew and loved him best, looked firmly away as others laughed. I wonder, Nephew, if he would share our fireside this night had he not touched the cursed thing. Some things are only for the Almighty to know, and this is one of them. But touched it he did and many others too. We watched it pass from man to man, each eager to be the one who gave voice to the alpenhorn.