Barely Proper

Naturist Living Show show

Summary: A radio-play adaptation of Barely Proper by Tom Cushing recorded at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park on August 4, 2011 during the Naturist Festival. Originally published in 1931 and subtitled "an unplayable play", Barely Proper was extensively performed in nudist/naturist clubs in the 1960's and 1970's and served as an introduction and fundraiser for them. Links to items mentioned in the show: Nude Theatre – Episode 31Theatre au Naturel: A Collection of Naturist PlaysIllustration by Mordecai Gorelik from the original 1931 edition of Barely Proper by Tom Cushing. The One-Act Adaptation of Barely Proper is by Leonard Lehrman ©1991 The music at the beginning of the play is Choro "Aguenta, seu Fulgêncio", composed by Lourenço Lamartine and played by Pixinguinha (flute) and Lourenço Lamartine. Recorded in 1929 (RCA Victor Talking Machine Company of Brazil) Episode XXXIV