Episode 123 – You Can't Let Money Be Worse Than COVID | Blue Heaven Podcast

Dodgers Nation: Blue Heaven Podcast show

Summary: California Governor Gavin Newsom has all but paved the way for the Dodgers to play at Dodger Stadium early in June. But the league needs to come together on an agreement before anything significant happens this year. A week has passed since MLB and its club owners sent a proposal to the players union. Since then, we've learned about the health precautions that will reshape the 2020 season, but billionaires and millionaires appear to be at an impasse over money. Will money really end up being worse for baseball than coronavirus? Plus we take a look at the most recent view of the ballpark renovations happening at Dodger Stadium. In short, they look really good. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices