HEAL: Dr. Kate Sydney and Mandy Ashlock on Breast Health (Ep. 30)

MoonWise show

Summary: In this episode of #moonwisepodcast, we speak with Dr. Kate Sydney and Mandy Asklock, LMT about self care for healthy breasts. They share important information about the anatomy of breasts, the lymphatic system and simple ways to care for this vital part of our bodies. Dr. Kate Sydney explains, “we don’t address things until they become a disease…We’re either not thinking about our breasts at all or we have breast cancer, and nothing in between. It’s important to address these blank spots in our education.” We talk about overcoming shame and cultural messaging around the breasts. We discuss how to pick bras for health and comfort and some recommendations for women-led bra companies. We cover how to do a self breast massage and what oils are easy to use for that. We also touch on some nutrition tips for healthy breasts and how to pick out safe deodorants. We also talk about: How the breasts are connected to the heart The benefits of Poke Root Oil Why Vitamin C is important for healthy breasts Deodorants that work without harmful chemicals