Ep10: Mrs. Jai by Wendy Bradley

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Summary: Read by Marguerite Kenner, Danielle Daly and Graeme Dunlop. Listen above or download the MP3 Show Notes Today we present “Mrs. Jai” by Wendy Bradley. Wendy was the TV critic for Interzone magazine for a time. She edited and published Farthing magazine, described by Ursula le Guin as “cooler than Asimov’s.” She went to the Clarion West writers’ workshop in 2003. She has been a hotel receptionist, bookseller, drama teacher, secretary and Civil Servant. Wendy lives in Yorkshire and works in London. She can be found on Twitter as wendybradley where apparently she is “influential about football, business and drugs”. And she’s not sure what drugs they mean! Your narrators this week include Marguerite Kenner, who narrated The Unicorn Tree in Episode 2, and Danielle Daly who narrated A Proof of Unicorns in Episode 6. Read along Click here to read the text of the story Discuss Click here to discuss in the forums