Episode 20: The Art of Pain

Pioneers Podcast show

Summary: <br> Is it a long-held belief of mine that times of trial and tribulation produce great creative works. In this episode, I take a look at the connection of pain and art, and how darker leaning art can actually serve to heal us (both as a consumer and creative) when we are in a difficult place. In our subscriber-only segments I go deeper. For $10 subscribers and up (Private Segment), I look at the connection between addiction and artists, giving some of my personal experiences as examples. And in the third segment (Breakdown), for $20 subscribers and up, I look at the songs “Sad Machines” and “Necktie Remedy” from the Project 86 catalogue as examples of the principles of the episode. To subscribe, visit the <a href="https://www.patreon.com/user?u=13435186">Pioneers Patreon page</a>!<br>