Episode 29: Influence vs. Imitation

Pioneers Podcast show

Summary: <br> Where do we draw the line between inspiration and intellectual infringement in creative work?  We all have heroes and artists who inspire us, but how do we develop our own voices without creating derivative work?  I look at 3 contemporary examples when the line was crossed in famous intellectual property court cases from the music industry to glean some insight which can be applied to any creative work.  As always, subscribe to Pioneers Podcast on Patreon and I will give you a call to say thanks and chat. You will also receive access to episodes 72 hours before the rest of the world. Ples, up to 30 hours of bonus content spread out across all the episodes (the bonus content is a deeper exploration of the subject matter of each episode). Check out Pioneers on Patreon <a href="https://www.patreon.com/user?u=13435186">here</a>.<br>