RECEIVE: Sophie Ward Koren on Nourishing New Mothers (Ep. 27)

MoonWise show

Summary: Learn about nourishing new mothers with author and postpartum healer Sophie Ward Koren. In this episode of #moonwisepodcast, we speak with author and postpartum healer Sophie Ward Koren of Milk + Seed about nourishing the soul of new mothers through food, beauty and ceremony. Sophie Ward Koren is a former model, self-published author, initiated shamanic practitioner and Certified Health Coach (IINHC). She is committed to connecting mothers with Mother Earth through healing comfort foods, sustainable life practices and meaningful motherhood ceremonies, especially those informed by her study of Andean cosmology. She lives in the Ojai valley with her family and gratefully spends each day in the kitchen listening to Oprah, playing with fire, being with women and nourishing dozens of families. Sophie shares her story of starving to fit the mold of the modeling industry and how she used writing to bring herself back into authenticity. We discuss worthiness, overcoming the cult of perfection and learning to take up space as a woman. We talk about postpartum depression and the importance of feeding new mothers with nutrient rich foods and gentle care. Sophie describes foods rich in color, texture and joy that she calls “modernized medicinal comfort foods.” She says, “if you don’t take care of the mother, then she will be weakened for the rest of her life.” We also talk about: Healing from anorexia Writing as a soul-feeding ritual Creating Mother Blessing Ceremonies Rebuilding the village for new mothers Sophie’s medicinal kitchen apprenticeship