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The SNATCHED Podcast by Crumb Snatcher show

Summary: Goat Vs Sheep #Consciousness #Occult #CrumbTV - Crumb TV SPECIAL #CrumbTV ( @CrumbTV1 ) ( #GetSNATCHED ) <br><br>Crumb decodes the deeper religious &amp; occult meanings of the goat &amp; the sheep. This podcast is brought to you by "Hidden Colors 5". Order Your Copy NOW! <a href="https://www.PositiveVibesVA.com">https://www.PositiveVibesVA.com</a> . <br><br>✍ The SNATCHED Podcast is an Afro-centric or “Black” Consciousness podcast highlighting the content from the media re-evaluator Crumb Snatcher. The use of the word ‘Black’ in reference to people is used a commonly accepted term to describe Melaninated people of some level of African and/or Afro-Indigenous / Indigenous / Aborigine / American-Aborigine / Asiatic, Afro-Asian, Moorish, Neo-Nubian, etc. descent. (i.e. No, we do not think that we are adjectives. We are not literally talking about the color of one's skin, and we don't believe that we are from the planet, country, or city named "Black".<br><br>Warning - Trigger Warning. You WILL disagree with the Crumb Snatcher!! The Crumb Snatcher is a parody conscious-thought personality that mixes actual facts with humor and shock-antics to demonstrate the absurdity in American and world culture. The Crumb Snatcher is a loveable politically incorrect, thought-provoking, anti-organized religion, profane, demeaning, angry yet introspective collective of poor righteous teachers. Join their antics in conscious thought and new reality. Get SNATCHED!!!