101: Huawei, National Security, and the Trade War

Trade Talks show

Summary: Yuan Yang (Financial Times) joins to explain the allegations and complications surrounding Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei. They discuss alleged risks to national security, IP theft, unfair trade, sanctions violations, export controls, the entity list, and more. Read more… Yuan Yang. 2019. My brush with surveillance in Xinjiang. Financial Times, July 31.Yuan Yang, James Kynge and Sue-Lin Wong. 2019. Huawei: still fighting for survival despite Trump truce. Financial Times, July 3. Yuan Yang and Louise Lucas. 2019. China’s race to 5G hampered by Huawei ban. Financial Times, June 24.Yuan Yang. 2019. How Trump blacklisting affects the inside of a Huawei smartphone. Financial Times, June 3.Yuan Yang. 2019. Is Huawei compelled by Chinese law to help with espionage? Financial Times, March 4. Huawei Cyber Security Evaluation Centre (HCSEC) Oversight Board. 2019. Annual Report 2019: A report to the National Security Adviser of the United Kingdom. March.