The Lion King vs. The Loin King

Girls on Porn show

Summary: Who does the Lion sleep with tonight? In this very special episode twist, the girls watch the new live action remake of "The Lion King" to prepare for the porn parody: "The Loin King". This instant classic features such songs as “Hot Cum on My Ta-Tas” and “Can You Feel My Muff Tonight?”. Ain't no worries, for the rest of your lays... The Loin King: Be sure to rate Girls on Porn 5-stars on Apple Podcast! Leave your favorite search term OR your porn star name in the review for a chance to have it read on-air. Follow Us on Social Media: Show: @girlsonprn Laura: @ramadei Rachel: @_rrratchet Show Credits: Producer: Amanda C Theme by Eli Janney Podcast Art by Erin Dreis Mixed and Edited by Mike Comite