What children can teach us

Raising a Powerful Girl show

Summary: So often we talk about the power of modeling behavior to our children and we focus on what we need to be teaching them. What about shifting that perspective? What happens when we stand back, watch our children and allow them to teach us what they know? What could we learn? What do they have to teach us even at a young age?<br><br>Today on the podcast we are joined by Jules Grieves<br><br>Jules is a wife and mother of two small children. She is expanding as an international speaker and trainer for her company, Raising Roots LLC promoting childlike growth in the adult world to unfold more fulfilling, freeing ways to live. She would say her life was dead inside until a new life came from it. Before the birth of her son, Zayden, she only knew to operate out of five things: hatred, envy, jealousy, selfishness, and cynicism. Living that way made her numb, emotionless. Once she held a raw human life in her hands, a feeling rushed over her like a heart-stopping memory: love. She became aware that her way of ‘living’ wasn’t living at all and stood still long enough to realize that her son and, soon after him, her daughter would hold all the answers towards rediscovering the best version of herself- her childlike self.<br><br>For more information on Jules you can find her at raising roots.biz<br><br>To find out more about how to empower the girl in your life please visit <a href="http://www.EmpoweredGirlMovement" rel="noopener">www.EmpoweredGirlMovement</a>. com and make sure to join our facebook group called MOMS RAISING POWERFUL GIRLS, we look forward to seeing you there!