(Part 2) Polygamy 200 - Crumb TV Audio @CrumbTV1 #Polygamy a.k.a. #Sisterhood ( #GetSnatched )

The SNATCHED Podcast by Crumb Snatcher show

Summary: Crumb Snatcher explains true Polygamy, which is Sisterhood. Grace be unto your knowledge. I have been teaching this for years along with understanding of fornication and adultery. Atr we ready for it.....we should never have walked away or been taken away from our culture. Blacks frown at it because of the doctrination of the Europeans teachings. We know there are more females than males and when allowed to have 2,3 or more will cause a multiplication in our people and the caucasians cannot handle that thought of truth. The relationships are more than who is having sex with my partner but as Crump say it is Tribe way of life. Stay with truth my son...you are gifted with knowledge.<br><br><br>One of the things women concerns themselves with is thinking man will bring home disease. The essence is the woman body carries disease and pass on to a man. Only when he has been infected will infect another. For this reason when a man takes more than one he takes virgins only. Only virgins. This is what your story of King Solomon knew by taking on 700/300 wives/concubines. Study to show thyself approved.. Too much to know <br>under this platform. Crumb is the bombtruth.com<br><br>The SNATCHED Podcast is an Afro-centric or “Black” Consciousness podcast highlighting the content from the media re-evaluator Crumb Snatcher. The use of the word ‘Black’ in reference to people is used a commonly accepted term to describe melaninated people of some level of African and/or Afro-Indigenous / Indigenous descent. Warning - Trigger Warning. You WILL disagree with the Crumb Snatcher!! The Crumb Snatcher is a parody conscious-thought personality that mixes actual facts with humor and shock-antics to demonstrate the absurdity in American and world culture. The Crumb Snatcher is a loveable politically incorrect, thought provoking, anti-organized religion, profane, demeaning, angry yet introspective collective of poor righteous teachers. Join their antics in conscious thought and new reality. Get SNATCHED!!!