Pocahontas Decoded – Crumb TV audio ( #GetSnatched with #kalinagoflyingeagle ) #TellTheTruth

The SNATCHED Podcast by Crumb Snatcher show

Summary: Pocahontas Decoded – Crumb TV audio<br><br>Chief Kalinago ( @kalinagoflyingeagle ) reviews the history of Pocahontas, the significance of her kidnap by John Smith, and her bloodline afterwards. <a href="https://www.autochthonapn.com/maku-chief.html">https://www.autochthonapn.com/maku-chief.html</a> <br><br>This video is sponsored by "The Wealth Building Cycle: I Really Wish I Knew These 5 Simple Steps To Building Wealth When I Was Twenty!" by Dr David E Chapman (Author).<br><br>