Lateral Water bath technique for evaluation of hand infections with Jenn Cotton!

Ultrasound Podcast show

Summary: We love talking about super advanced ultrasound applications, but its important to make sure we understand the basics.  Soft tissue ultrasound probably has a greater effect on patient dispositions and treatment than most of our other ultrasound applications due to the sheer volume of soft tissue infections we see.  I recently (virtually) sat down with Jenn Cotton and discussed a technique she developed with Mike Prats for evaluating hand infections.  If you need a review on how to evaluate soft tissue infections on ultrasound, check out the 5 Minute Sono abscess vs cellulitis 2019 update video and the 5 Minute Sono necrotizing soft tissue infection 2019 update and if you want to see a video on how to perform the technique we discuss with Jenn, check out our youtube page Interested in an online ultrasound fellowship?  Check out the Ultrasound Leadership Academy