These Three People Say They Can Fix the Subway

Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin show

Summary: <p>Corey Johnson wants to be the next mayor of New York, and the press seems to think he will be.  His <a href="">plan to fix transit</a> is the centerpiece of his platform.  Tom Wright is the CEO of the powerful <a href="">Regional Plan Association</a>.  That organization imagines the future and comes up with ideas for infrastructure and bureaucracy that could meet its needs.  Nicole Gelinas, a reporter and a <a href="">Manhattan Institute</a> scholar of Urban Economics, also believes in big, innovative projects.  But for the past 15 years, she's been reminding New Yorkers that we will not get a transit system worthy of our great city if we cannot get costs under control, and our financial house in order.  Combine these three experts with Alec's curiosity and strong opinions about all things New York, and you get a great conversation about congestion pricing, organized labor, the MTA, and future of transportation everywhere.</p>