People Bet on Wrestling?

Ring Time Pro Wrestling's tracks show

Summary: Show Notes 9/15/17<br>Open Show <br><br>RAW Recap <br>-Roman Reigns def Jason Jordan \ Decent match \ Another Roman and Cena talk off afterwards <br>-Sasha Banks def Emma \ Bank Statement – Alexa and Nia Jax on commentary <br>-Brock and Braun face off <br>-Bray Wyatt def Goldust \ Wipes off the face paint <br>-Anderson and Gallows vs Sheamus and Cesaro ends in chaos <br>-Asuka is coming to RAW <br>-Elias def Kalisto <br>- <br>Wrestling Birthdays<br>Wrestling News<br>-Global Force will try out its own streaming service.<br>-Kharma seen backstage at Mae Young Classic <br>-Lio Rush to make NXT debut soon <br>-People bet on wrestling, WWE Insider makes 45,000 on SummerSlam <br>-<br>SmackDown Recap<br>-KO cuts promo, Daniel Bryan reminds him that Vince will be in the house<br>- AJ Styles (Champ) def Tye Dillenger \ Baron Corbin shows up<br>-Jinder Mahal cuts promo Shinsuke Nakamura<br>-The New Day (Champs) def The Usos \ Tag Team Champs<br>-Natalya (Champ) def Naomi \ Retains SmackDown Women’s Title <br>-Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin def The Hype Bros <br>-Kevin Owens meets Vince McMahon \ Hell in A Cell set with Shane and KO. Owens beats up Vince. <br>Mae Young Classic Finals<br>-Kairi Sane def Shayna Baszler \ 1st winner of Mae Young Classic<br>-<br>Follow on Twitter <br>@RingTimePodcast <br>@Kholtjr <br>@ReallyNoKesh<br><br><a href="" rel="noopener"></a> <br><a href="" rel="noopener"></a><br><br>Audible Audiobooks Free 30 Day Trial <br><a href="" rel="noopener"></a>