Episode #15 - Angel Jimenez

Mocha Latte show

Summary: On this episode we have our friend Angel Jimenez talk about his weight loss journey and how it’s played a huge part of his entire adult life. We cover more topics like marriage, relocating, redemption, and cheese. Discussing one’s weight may be taboo but Angel is an open book on the subject. We’re hoping this talk brings light to some struggles that people face and we can be better prepared to know how to love and care for our friends who may be struggling with their health in this way. 00:21 - Story Time with Dave 02:30 - Introducing Angel 03:10 - Origin Story 07:54 - Dionne 09:09 - Cheese 10:30 - 1989 15:38 - Angel’s Weight Loss 18:52 - Cancer Diagnosis 22:09 - Top Weight 27:25 - Angel’s “Angel” 30:18 - Surgery Decision 36:03 - Angel’s Father 41:25 - Angel’s Contact Info 43:55 - Speed Round