Symptomatic Redness: Ben Burgis on Logic (pt. 2) [teaser]

Zero Squared show

Summary: Derick Varn continues his conversation with Zero Books author and media star Ben Burgis. They pivot to more arcane topics, beginning with Trotsky and Trot organizations. What are the ideological differences between the ISO and the Spartacus League? They start by recollecting how small the Marxist tendency was in the 90s as opposed to its relative popularity today, but quickly move on to the difference between dialectical logic and Aristotelian logic. This week’s podcast is available in full for our patreon supporters. Our Patreon supporters get access to two podcasts every week: Symptomatic Redness and Zero Squared, but if you’re listening on our free feed you’ll always be able to access one or the other podcasts each week. At the moment we have 594 patrons but we reached 600 patrons last month and we’ll introduce a new series of patron only videos tentatively entitled Communism 101 this month.