Business of HYPE show

Summary: <p>On this week’s episode of <em>Business of HYPE</em>, jeffstaple welcomes the magnetic Mai Ikuzawa. Many of our past guests have been single-minded experts in one particular field, Mai however is a creative entrepreneur with a pulse on a wide range of industries, including automotive, high-fashion, film and gaming. What makes her even more of an enigmatic figure is that her creative agency, Bow Wow International, has a staff of one--herself. So for this show, Jeff and Mai talk about the disadvantages of owning or working for a large agency, how to simplify your career and everything within it, how her legendary race-car driving father impacted her professional life, embracing your idiosyncrasies, and balancing the three F's. </p> <p><br></p> <p>As always, thank you for tuning into HYPEBEAST Radio and <em>Business of HYPE</em>. Please don't forget to rate, comment and subscribe to our channel, as well as <em>HB•R</em> and MIC/LINE.</p>