103. The 250 Anniversary Special 2018

The 250 show

Summary: Hosted by Andrew Quinn and Darren Mooney, The 250 is a (mostly) weekly trip through some of the best (and worst) movies ever made, as voted for by Internet Movie Database Users. This week, to mark the podcast's two-year anniversary and passing the one-hundred-episode threshold, we decided to bring back as many of the guests from the second year as possible. So, joining Andrew and Darren on this podcast are: Tony Black, who recorded Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 and Avengers: Infinity War Marianne Cassidy, who recorded Wonder Woman, Your Name, Grave of the Fireflies, My Neighbour Totoro and Incredibles 2 Jay Coyle, who recorded Dunkirk, Blade Runner 2049, Tangerines and Inception Ronan Doyle, who recorded Tangerines Grace Duffy, who recorded Get Out, Ah-ga-ssi (The Handmaiden), The Force Awakens, Singin' in the Rain, Touch of Evil and Inception Luke Dunne, who recorded Mission: Impossible - Fallout Jack Hodges, who recorded Into the Wild Charlene Lydon, who recorded The Shawshank Redemption, The Grand Budapest Hotel and Touch of Evil Babu Patel, who recorded Lagaan, Dangal, United Passions, PK and Rang de Basanti Giovanna Rampazzo, who recorded Lagaan, Dangal, PK and Rang de Basanti Carl Sweeney, who recorded Double Indemnity Alex Towers, who recorded Braveheart, Barry Lyndon and Inception We thought we'd take the opportunity to have a talk about the best and worst of this list, both in general and over the past year, with particular emphasis on the changes that the IMDb made to their rankings of the worst films ever made back in July.