REST: Vyana Novus-Magee on Redefining Success (Ep. 20)

MoonWise show

Summary: Learn about redefining success with artist Vyana Novus-Magee. “What does rest mean to me? “ - Vyana Novus-Magee In this episode of #moonwisepodcast, we speak with artist Vyana Novus-Magee on redefining success. We talk about rest, vulnerability and learning to live daily life on our own terms. Vyana Novus-Magee (she/they) is a queer mother and artist based in Ojai, California. Her content and creations pull from her experience living with Complex-PTSD, and the journey she has taken to reclaim pleasure and purpose in her life. Her approach to life and work is focused on getting to the core essence of what each individual needs & wants, then building systems to support that unique expression of life. Their Redefining Success Journal is a tool that brings the feeling of accomplishment to everyone, flipping the story of success from a static cultural projection to a fluid personal experience. It focuses on guiding people to understand what their current capacity is, and how to scope goals to meet that space. We discuss postpartum motherhood, living with PTSD and accessing grace and compassion for ourselves. We also talk about: Simple practices rooted in pleasure and joy / Finding time for creativity / Embracing curiosity in stuck areas of your life / Scoping daily accomplishments