The Secret $31 Billion Global Local Search Market -Podcast #2

Search Engine Marketing Unleashed show

Summary: "Approx. 30% of all queries are LS (Local Search). 90% of Internet conversions take place offline. 70% local consumers use the Internet to find products online. The implications are far reaching. Search online to buy offline, locally." In this great podcast with Scott Paton -one of the World's Best Copywriters- and Christos Margetis you will listen: * What can you do to beat the rising cost of PPC advertising and win the search engine game * How You Can Capitalize on Google's next BIG move... * How to Profit Wildly From the Emerging Local Search Market * What You Can do to Reduce Your Google Adwords Costs By Up To 580% or More! *How To Strike e-Gold by Finding Dirt-Cheap Keywords That Convert Like Crazy! * How To Silently Dominate Niche Market After Niche Market in the Organic Local Search Results! * How To Generate up to 100,000 highly profitable geo-targeted keywords in seconds! * How To Create Laser-Focused Geographically Targeted Keyword Lists in 5 Simple Steps * What would it be worth to YOU to be able to cut your PPC costs down while increasing your ROI.