How #microsolidarity can build small groups that change the world - Interview with Rich and Nati

Alter Ego show

Summary: This is an Interview with Rich Bartlett and Natalia Lombardo, of Loomio and Enspiral, who share their thinking on how small groups can harness the power of emotional and economic #microsolidarity to feel connected and financially secure as they do the often hard and poorly paid work of changing the world. Recently Rich wrote a series of Medium articles packed with brilliant thinking on how small groups can weave together emotional and economic micro solidarity. By creating spaces of belonging and financial security, we build our collective capacity to change the world. In this episode, I interview Rich and his partner Nati who has been instrumental in co-developing these ideas. We unpack the 10,000 word article for those who don't like long reads, and speak with vulnerability about the inner work we've had to do to overcome the engrained individualism that holds groups back. The original article series can be found here: Support us to make more podcasts on Pateron: