Managing Expectations to Get Better Results with the Law of Attraction

From the Center with Debra & Dr. Rob: Success for Women | Purpose | Spirituality | Relationships show

Summary: If you keep creating what you do not want and blame external circumstances, this episode will help you understand why and how to shift inside to change your results.<br> EPISODE 60: Expecting New Results with the Law of Attraction<br> In this episode, we help you understand how to create new results using the law of attraction by changing your expectations. Find out:<br> <br> * Why the law of attraction is really the law of perception<br> * Why you are getting the results you are experiencing in your life?<br> The true cause of your reality is in your mind<br> * Why your expectation dictates what you create<br> * How does consciousness really work?<br> The three things you need to create what you want<br> <br> If you want to explore more of our work with the feminine archetypes (Jungian psychology) so you can make a huge change in your life, check out our new 2-day seminar, ALCHEMY in January, 2019 – <a href=""></a><br> Do not forget to subscribe to our podcast – Debi and Dr. Rob show<br> Join our official Debi and Dr. Rob Show Podcast Facebook group.<br> <a href=""></a><br>