Lonely sensational icons: semantic neighbourhood density, sensory experience and iconicity - David Sidhu

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Summary: <p>This week we are joined by David Sidhu from the University of Calgary. David, alongside Dr Penny Paxman, is the author of 'Lonely sensational icons: semantic neighbourhood density, sensory experience and iconicity.' Join us to discover more about language, sound and it's meaning. What is iconicity and how is it measured? What is the Maluma/Takete effect? What techniques are best for academic productivity? In this episode, David answers all of these questions and more.</p><br><p>We will also gain further insights into 'Lonely sensational icons: semantic neighbourhood density, sensory experience and iconicity', its impacts and the motivation behind David's work.</p><br><p><strong>In today's episode, we discuss:</strong></p><br><p>David describes his academic background. <strong>[01:16]</strong></p><br><p>We are guided through David's paper.<strong> [01:57]</strong></p><br><p>What is iconicity and how is it measured? <strong>[07:35]</strong></p><br><p>What is the Maluma/Takete effect? <strong>[13:15]</strong></p><br><p>David discusses the publishing process for this paper, alongside other experiences. <strong>[17:58]</strong></p><br><p>Finally, David gives us his tips to increase academic output alongside his one piece of advice for anyone undertaking a PhD. <strong>[22:30]</strong></p><br><p><a href="https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/23273798.2017.1358379?scroll=top&amp;needAccess=true" target="_blank">Read the article here!</a></p><br><p>This podcast is brought to you by RESEARCHER, the free app that makes it easy for academics and scientists to stay on top of new research in their area. <strong>Download it for free on </strong><a href="https://researcher.app.link/SQ6YJr1FlS" target="_blank"><strong>iOS,</strong></a><strong> </strong><a href="https://researcher.app.link/SQ6YJr1FlS" target="_blank"><strong>Android </strong></a><strong>or find us on your browser at </strong><a href="https://researcher.app.link/SQ6YJr1FlS" target="_blank"><strong>www.researcherapp.io.</strong></a></p>