EastEnders Weekly EP 41: Keanu Is Cuffed

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Summary: Welcome to Eastenders Weekly, the weekly podcast all about Eastenders. This week we discuss episodes of EastEnders from 19th to 23rd November Walford feels  like it has been turned up to 11, getting all the stories into a row ready for Christmas or dare we say it… ‘Oates’? Starting with Tiff stirring trouble and leading Bernie astray as she discovers Evie’s World might not be as glamorous as she first thought. That time again where we look at the confusing storyline of Ruby - What is the plan and can we get back on track and learn more about what had happened that fateful night? Part two of our  new feature “Julia’s Legacy” - This week 1990 - 1994 where Julia’s Theme was used for an ending to the show and the stories behind them!  If you have suggestions for the show please...Contact us on Twitter @eastendersweek - Instagram @eastendersweeklypodcast - E-mail eastendersweekly@gmail.com Our MERCH STORE IS OPEN, and great for any EastEnders fans this Christmas!   Please check out our Original ‘Queen Vic Bust’ design available on everything you can think of! Start shopping > https://shop.spreadshirt.co.uk/eastendersweeklypodcast FINALLY, it’s back and more thrilling than ever before - SHE-AN-UUUUU! However, someone else has reared their ugly head too!  How will this unravel and will the lovers ever be the same again. A special round of “Ian Beale’s Real Deal - Winston Edition” - this time Ben has to guess whether chart releases by the resident of the Square charted higher or lower?  (All music credits below) A little plot seed has been laid, just in time for Christmas! The ‘Walford Warblers’ have been born and one member is being played for potential love? The Carters and Linda had finally revealed her plan, but will it go down well with Shirley? Each week we announce our winner of the “Poll of the Week”  - did you vote and if not why not!? Find it every Monday when EastEnders is broadcast in the UK (8:00pm GMT) on our Twitter @eastendersweek. Twitter @eastendersweek - Instagram @eastendersweeklypodcast - E-mail eastendersweekly@gmail.com We have received lots of great messages and we try to reply to them all and read out your tweets or messages on our podcast… So please keep them coming! We LIVE TWEET every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday when EastEnders is broadcast in the UK. Please leave a review on iTunes... Subscribe, Follow and Share… and for all things ‘Enders visit: https://eastendersweekly.podbean.com/ Huge Thanks to https://soundcloud.com/kelly-taylor-25 for our Podcast Theme TIME STAMPS (Don’t skip too much, you might miss something you’ll like!) 00:00:00 - Hello and Welcome, to the weekly round up of Walford! 00:02:51 - Tiff Plays Bernie 00:12:12 - Ruby Moves In 00:20:50 - “Julia’s Legacy” - Part Two 1990 - 1994 00:42:02 - Keanu and Sharon Drinkin’ and Lovin’ 00:57:14 - Game “Ian Beale’s Real Deal - Winston Edition” 01:06:07 - Ian’s Out of Tune 01:12:30 - Linda’s Got a Secret 01:25:42 - ‘Poll of the Week’ (We also take a minute talking about  ‘Classic EastEnders’) and this week’s ‘Duff Duff’ MUSIC CREDIT Anita Dobson - “Anyone Can Fall In Love” Sid Owen - “Good Thing Going” Letitia Dean and Paul Medford - “Something Outa Nothing” Michelle Gayle - “Do You Know” Tom Watt - “Subterranean Homesick Blues” John Altman and the Heavy Metal Kids - “Uncontrollable”