Episode 3: Brewing at B1, our original brewery, with Pat Tkacz and Chris Walsh

The Shifty: A Bell's Brewery Podcast show

Summary: <p>In the previous episode of The Shifty, we discussed brewing with Andy Farrell and Karli Small from our Comstock facility. We also spoke to Lucia Baker about her experiences as a Project Engineer at the B1 location.</p> <p>Lucia gave us a great look at the mechanics of B1, which got us curious about the rest of what goes on there. Now,we’re giving you a brief look at the actual brewing that takes place in our original brewhouse. To do this, we spoke with Pat Tkacz and Chris Walsh about the brewing they do there.</p> <p>This episode details everything from the day-to-day operations to the differences in the Comstock and downtown breweries. You’ll even get to learn about Pat and Chris’ introductions to brewing; processes that involved both the Czech Republic and a Coach purse. </p> <p><a href="https://www.bellsbeer.com/news/brewing-b1-our-original-brewery-pat-tkacz-and-chris-walsh" rel="nofollow">Show notes and transcript</a></p>