#22 Kshira Saagar - Head of Analytics and Data Science

Data Futurology - Data Science, ML and AI From Top Industry Leaders show

Summary: Kshira has been with the Analytics/Decision Sciences industry for almost a decade now having worked across Americas, Asia, Europe and Australia. He is the Head of Analytics and Data Science at The Iconic. We speak about: -Why he moved from analytics consulting to building data products -What a data driven product should do and how to prioritise your efforts -How to make analytics less intimidating and more accessible -How to take your stakeholders on the data-driven decision making journey in next the best way -How to structure your team for maximum impact in your organisation -Most common issues and roadblocks in creating a data driven culture and how to overcome them Show notes: https://www.datafuturology.com/podcast/22 Data Scientist job https://github.com/theiconic/datascientist Kshira is based in Sydney, Australia And as always, we appreciate your Reviews, Follows, Likes, Shares and Ratings. It really helps new data scientists find us. Thank you so much, and enjoy the show! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/datafuturology/message