Episode 117 - GDPR & Cambridge Analytica – A Cyber week in London with Jane Lo, Singapore Correspondent

Cyber Security Weekly Podcast show

Summary: Jane started her career in Canada after graduating from Electrical and Computer Engineering studies, and worked in the City of London for 10 years consulting for Corporates and Banks, before relocating back to Singapore. er experience included using data predictive analytics for fraud at global financial institutions (Deustche Bank, JP Morgan) and advisory to financial institutions with PriceWaterHouseCoopers.  Amongst 24+ articles with MySecurity Media her key Cyber Security publications include Chinese New Year Heist (https://issuu.com/apsm/docs/asm_feb_march_2017_final (https://issuu.com/apsm/docs/asm_feb_march_2017_final)), Cyber Security of Assets in the InterConnected Era (https://issuu.com/apsm/docs/asm_aug_sep_2017 (https://issuu.com/apsm/docs/asm_aug_sep_2017)) Data Protection & Privacy – Perspectives from Facebook, Google & Apple (https://issuu.com/apsm/docs/apsm_sep_oct_2018/38 (https://issuu.com/apsm/docs/apsm_sep_oct_2018/38)) Interview recorded at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore on 12 September 2018 at Data Center Dynamics – DCD South East Asia (https://twitter.com/hashtag/DCDAustralia?src=hash)#DCDSingapore