EP.004 Sheryl Roush

Speakers on Speaking show

Summary: What is marketing? How do you develop your speaker marketing plan? What tools do you need? Speakers On Speaking has a guest that knows the answers. <br> Speakers, marketing expert and author, Sheryl Roush shares shares her expertise as a speaker marketing expert. <br> <br> KEY AREAS COVERED<br> What is marketing?<br> What are marketing strategies for speakers? <br> How does a speaker develop a marketing platform?<br> What are the challenges for new speakers creating their own marketing materials?<br> <br> <br> WHAT IS SPEAKERS ON SPEAKING <br> Insightful Interviews with TOP SPEAKERS, SPEAKING COACHES and THOUGHT LEADERS in the Speaking Business interview by Antwon Lincoln<br> <br> ABOUT THE HOST<br> Antwon Lincoln has  over a decade of experience as a presenter, presenting to a wide range of audiences at conferences, educational agencies, non-profits, and universities.  LISTEN TO  EPISODE 000 AND EPISODE 001 TO HEAR MORE ABOUT THE SHOW  AND HIM!<br> <br> PODCAST WEBSITE<br> For transcripts and other speaker resources go to www.SpeakersOnSpeaking.com