EP.008: Tina Griffin

Speakers on Speaking show

Summary: Tina Griffin: Youth Speaker <br> Tina’s mission is to reveal the deadly consequences of the glamorization of premarital sex, drug and alcohol abuse, suicide, cutting and other self-destructive behaviors portrayed in today’s entertainment. Her presentations will educate and encourage the next generation to live with integrity and create change in their culture.<br> <br> KEY AREAS COVERED<br> <br> 05.26: FINDING A SPEAKING PLATFORM<br> 08:20: GETTING IN THE SPEAKING BUSINESS<br> 15:51: THE DEFINITION OF A PROFESSIONAL SPEAKER<br> 19:32: GETTING BOOKINGS<br> 23:00 HOW TO SPEAK TO THE YOUTH<br> 28:06: MAKING THE MEETING PLANNER HAPPY<br> <br> <br> <br> WHAT IS SPEAKERS ON SPEAKING <br> Insightful interviews with TOP SPEAKERS, SPEAKING COACHES and THOUGHT LEADERS in the Speaking Business.<br> <br> ABOUT THE HOST<br> Antwon Lincoln has  over a decade of experience as a presenter, presenting to a wide range of audiences at conferences, educational agencies, non-profits, and universities.  LISTEN TO  EPISODE 000 HEAR MORE ABOUT THE SHOW AND HIM!