Psychology of Sales Mastery for Women

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Summary: If you are a business owner or entrepreneur or even jockeying for your next promotion, you know the value of mastering sales. Unfortunately, many of the sales training systems available are developed by men and do not naturally fit a woman’s style. In this episode, Rob interviews Debi about her experience in sales and how women are natural salespeople.<br> 54: Psychology of Sales Mastery for Women<br> In this episode, we talk about pitching “like a girl” and how that is a good thing.<br> <br> * All parts of business involve sales if you want to be successful.<br> * How the majority of leaders in businesses are men and the trainings available are masculine-driven.<br> * How you do not need to be aggressive to be a great salesperson<br> * Learn how the feminine approach to sales is a better fit for women business owners<br> * How sales is about sharing information and helping them solve a problem<br> * How women who care too much can affect their ability to sell<br> <br> If you ever struggled with sales tactics that just did not fit for you, this episode will help you understand why and shift your attitude about sales.<br> Would you like to join a group of Evolving Women Leaders to grow yourself to reach your biggest dreams? Find out about our Evolve Women Leadership Program. Applications are now being accepted and get a free consultation with Debi Maldonado to see if this is a fit for you.<a href=""></a><br> Visit our Facebook Group for the Show – Debi and Dr. Rob Show Podcast<br> <a href=""></a><br> Subscribe to us on iTunes, Google Play and now on Spotify!<br>