Episode 44 – Disappointment and Heartbreak

Into The Lifestyle show

Summary: Disappointment and Heartbreak is everywhere but it doesn't need to be if you use a few simple tools.<br> Join us in this episode as we talk about our experiences around dealing with disappointment and heartbreak both in and out of the lifestyle.<br> <br> Also in this episode we have a gift for one lucky winner, just comment on this specific post on our <a href="http://www.intothelifestyle.com/podcast/episode-44-disappointment-and-heartbreak/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">podcast website</a> and one random commenter will receive a copy of one of James' favorite books; <a href="https://www.garyvaynerchuk.com/books/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk</a>.<br> <br> I don't even know why I say this every time in the show notes but as always our conversation is all over the place in this episode and we cover a wide range of ideas and topics so you never know what you might pick up from this show!<br> <br> Thank you so much for tuning in, commenting and all of the amazing reviews! Be sure to catch us for a live chat on <a href="http://www.intothelifestyle.com" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Into The Lifestyle</a> :)<br> <br> XOXO<br> <br> Cindy &amp; James