The Power of Laughter with Sandra Stein

Who Lives Like This?! show

Summary: In today's podcast, Sandra Stein joins Elizabeth and Jason to discuss how having a sense is necessary for not just dealing with the day-to-day challenges of caregiving but also personal survival. Even though they have never met in person, Elizabeth and Sandra have a long history of amusing one another on even the hardest of days with telephone calls and colorful texts. On the show we talk with Sandra about using humor as a secret caregiver weapon, finding joy in the little moments and the magic of velcro cleaners. Sandra Joy Stein lives with her husband Matt and son Ravi in New York. Ravi spent the first two years of his life as a typical baby and toddler, but when he was just over two years old, he woke up one morning in a seizure and ended up in a hospital for the next fifteen months. Diagnosed with an autoimmune encephalitis, Ravi's rare disease caused catastrophic neurologic difficulties. He is now a lively nine years old with an indomitable spirit and a smile that lights up everyone around him.