Justin Trudeau, Canada's Metrosexual PM, Stabs U.S. in the Back After POTUS leaves G-7

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Summary: Show Notes with Links and Supporting Materials here: https://wp.me/p2YmFi-5tg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What You’ll Learn From Listening to This Episode How you can get a free audiobook and a 30-day free trial from out sponsor audible. Click here to get your free book! How Soy Boy Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stabbed the U.S. in the back after the president left the silly G-7 meeting What's up with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's eyebrow? The advice Obama gave Trudeau before he left office, which might account for his shameful America bashing presser Why net neutrality sucks The stunning new revelations about Obama's ridiculous Iran Deal(Gee, I haven't seen this AP story reported on CNN...) How the media can prevent suicide (really) And more!