We Be Geeks 268: Monster Crunched

We Be Geeks - Your Voice Of The Geek Revolution show

Summary: This week, the dazzling, dauntless duo have cereal on the brain. Yummy, delicious, sugary sweet cereal.....mmmmmmmm.<br> Oh, and cartoons and stuff too.<br> <br> Topics discussed in this episode include:<br> <br> A new card game based on General Mill cereals<br> A recently announced animated movie based on the Superpets from DC comics;<br> A newly announced animated series based on Robert Kirkman's Super Dinosaur.<br> A writer has been hired for the upcoming Judge Dredd show Mega City One.<br> The release date for the DC animated movie Constantine: City Of Demons.<br> Brent Spiner will be appearing on Supergirl.<br> Transformers The Animated Movie returns to theaters.<br> The show Runaways will be adding more Marvel characters.