We Be Geeks 269: Disney Is Streaming What?

We Be Geeks - Your Voice Of The Geek Revolution show

Summary: This week, the Dazzling, Dauntless Duo take a deep dive into Disney territory, followed by a swim in the waters over at DC and Warner Brothers.<br> <br> Topics discussed in this episode include:<br> <br> 1. Netflix will no longer have Marvel movies after Captain Marvel.<br> <br> 2.More information on the Disney streaming service.<br> <br> 3. Disney's plans for the Fox properties.<br> <br> 4. Nick Fury and Maria Hill to appear in the next Spidey movie.<br> <br> 5. Warner Brothers could be working on a Supergirl movie.<br> <br> 6 Details on season four of the Supergirl CW show.<br> <br> 7. The Batwoman role has been cast for the CW.<br> <br> 8. More Star Trek shows planned for the CBS All Access service.<br> <br> 9. James Gunn is in demand at other studios.<br> <br> 10. Hasbro is planning a sequel to the Power Rangers movie.