Wyrd Ways Rock Show 4th March 2018(ish)

The Wyrd Ways Rock Show show

Summary: Hello friends! The not-writing-a-script experiment continues. How's it working for you? I'm finding that just writing some notes is an interesting way of doing things, and I probably sound a little less like I'm just reading it out. Obviously. Anyway, sorry this one's a bit late, but had some bad head days recently (which has meant re-upping the medication) and I've also been playing a little too much Destiny 2, which is really enjoyable in campaign mode, despite what certain people on the internet will try to tell you. Obviously you'll want to know what's in this week's show. So here's the brief: since Andy Sneap is joining Judas Priest's touring line-up to sub in for Glenn Tipton, I thought I'd give you a taste of Mr Sneap's past recording exploits. So if you like Sabbat and Hell, you're in luck. There's some prime slices of quality stuff from those two bands. As for Covered, I've found a truly awesome version of one of my favourite songs, featuring a band too many of you will never have heard of. That's something that definitely needs to change. So it will. You'll also find three bands you've almost certainly never heard before in Shock Of The New and this week's Record Of The Week... well, if you go and look for the playlist, you're only cheating yourself. Be impure! Be vigilant! Misbehave!