Ep 3: New Name, Who This?

Family Matters Podcast show

Summary: Tayler and Torae are back for episode 3 of the podcast and they unveil their new show name. They also discuss 'Kids See Ghosts' & 'Streams of Thought vol 1' during the "New Music" segment. With the apparent suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, our co-hosts discuss mental health and their own experiences with going to counseling. The wildly popular "Put Me On" segment is back this week, will Tayler go 3 for 3 as Torae puts her on to a Brooklyn legend? Can Torae finally get 1 of Tayler's selections right? Make sure you tune in to find out! Lots of laughs, learning and love between the family this week. Aaaaand somebody just got their learners permit, the streets will never be the same.