5 Minutes to a Happier Existence

Talk Healthy Today show

Summary: Nataly Kogan explains how you can make your life happier in just five minutes.It’s time to stop putting off your own happiness. Milestone successes are nice markers of hard work and focus, but you can also enjoy the time between those wins. Nataly Kogan learned as a refugee that you can find moments of joy, peace and gratitude when life is imperfect. Sometimes you have to hit a wall for a change in attitude to come. Not everything will always be perfect. Nataly recommended three simple things to change your viewpoint. Write down three things you’re grateful for before you send your first email of the day. Embrace your stress. Take five minutes to let yourself to feel the pressure about the present when it’s bothering you. Blast your stress with kindness. Do a good deed so you feel better. Listen as Nataly joins host Lisa Davis to share her journey to finding everyday happiness.