We Be Geeks 256: Release Avatar 2 First

We Be Geeks - Your Voice Of The Geek Revolution show

Summary: Brett is off this week, leaving Mike and Derrick on their own to have a competition over who can come up with the best rant.  Who won this epic contest of rant champions?  We shall let the listeners decide......<br>  <br> Topics discussed in this episode include:<br>  <br> 1. James Cameron comments on the superhero film genre.<br>  <br> 2. How many post credit scenes will Infinity War have?<br>  <br> 3. Is Adam Warlock in Infinity War?<br>  <br> 4. Disney releases their upcoming movie schedule up to 2020.<br>  <br> 5. Fleer is releasing a brand new X-Men card set this summer.<br>  <br> 6. Wonder Woman 2 will definitely be taking place in the 80s.<br>  <br> 7. An update on the upcoming Watchmen series for HBO.<br>  <br> 8. Harrison Ford will be doing his first ever voice acting work.