Ep. 35: Devyn Simone

Challenge Mania show

Summary: <p>Derrick Kosinski &amp; Scott Yager are joined by Devyn Simone.</p><br> <p>Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match...</p><br> <p>Devyn Simone (@DevynSimone) is a veteran of #TheRealWorld Brooklyn and a two-time finalist of #TheChallenge. Since then, Devyn has established herself as a successful expert in the field of romance and relationships</p><br> <p>Derrick (@DerrickMTV) and Scott (@SHOTOFYAGER) get Devyn's expert insight on who the perfect matches are for some of the current and past Challenge stars, whether castmembers are doomed from the start, her past experiences and she even weighs in on Derrick's prospects in the dating pool as well.</p><br> <p>Find out if Devyn would do another #Challenge, if she's been approached recently and if there is more hosting on the horizon after her appearance on the aftershow last week!</p><br> <p>Follow the guys on twitter and let us know who YOU want to hear on #ChallengeMania next! #ChallengeAccepted</p><br> <p>Head to <a href="http://www.ChallengeMania.Shop">www.ChallengeMania.Shop</a> to score YOUR podcast gear today!</p><br> <p>If you want MORE of the show, sign up for the Patreon at <a href="http://www.ChallengeManiaPodcast.com">www.ChallengeManiaPodcast.com</a></p>