CHP004: How to Ace Your Job Interview

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Summary: <p></p> <div> <p>How to Ace Your Job Interview. Trust me, I've been in plenty of them. What works (and more importantly) what doesn't.</p> <p>Listen and subscribe on <a href="">iTunes</a> | <a href="">Stitcher</a> | <a href="">Google Play</a> | <a href="">PlayerFM</a>| <a href="">iHeart Radio</a></p> <div>Please subscribe, rate, and review the Career Hacking Podcast.</div> </div> <div></div> <div></div> <p>In today’s episode, we’ll answer a question from Greg in who writes: I am searching for a new job and hope to have several interviews before the end of the year. What advice would you suggest for me to ace these interviews? This is an excellent question and one we receive quite often. Having conducted over a hundred interviews in recent years as a recruiter and leader of several organizations, I could talk on this topic for hours but will try to limit my advice to only a key few today.</p> <p>First off, <strong>preparation:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Research the company. Ideally you did this before applying in the first place, but be sure you understand their projects and values to help tailor your answers</li> <li>Identify and prepare for commonly asked interview questions. We have a great list to get you started at <a href="">com/interviewquestions</a> </li> <li>Alongside this, list at least 10 short narratives about your experience that can be used when answering these interview questions. As we’ve mentioned in a post on our blog, a key to draw in your audience is with story telling. Capture their attention, and deliver meaningful examples of your experience</li> </ul> <p><strong>Do your homework ahead of time to determine the best way to present yourself as an ideal candidate so that you become a must-hire.</strong></p> <p><a href=""><img class="aligncenter wp-image-5279 size-600" src="" alt="" width="600" height="193"></a></p> <p>After you’ve prepared your notes, practice practice practice. You don’t want to rehearse such that you’re robotic in your responses, but instead you want to know your story like the back of your hand so that you can preform well under the pressure and stress of the real thing. You want to come off as confident, because the recruiter can’t feel confident in you if you don’t first have confidence in yourself</p> <p>These simple tips will help you understand how to ace your job interviews!</p> <h3>For more interview advice, check out our <a href=""><i>Top 20 Interview Questions and Answers </i>ebook</a>.</h3>